Experience ancient healing wisdom applied in a new way

The crystals activated as vessels of light and information can be used on the physical body as well as on energetic levels and can clear imbalance and transform dis-ease patterns.

Atlantis Crystal Healing

Laryna E. 


63 Crowhill Road

Glasgow /


G64 1QY
Tel: 07503 210 416

Atlantis Crystal Healing works by using the ancient wisdom of the healing energies of stones and crystals. Crystals and stones carry information of divine light and love. Each stone has its own healing energy.

There are many methods I can use to:

  • release stress, trauma, fear, tension, pain

  • increase relief for different forms of illnesses and activate the self healing powers of the body, allowing the natural state of well-being and healthy body functions to be positively stimulated.

  • harmonize the whole organism (body, mind and soul)

  • enable a balancing of deficiencies on the chakra level..

  • enable the relief from restricting structures.

  • create a harmonious energy flow between the energy bodies and the physical body.  

  • increase the body energy and immune system for more well-being.

  • alleviate tension and restriction in the spinal column.

  • support the personal development

  • awaken energy potential.

Crystal healing is suitable for adults and children of all ages.Crystal healing works for animals too. Costs for the first treatment including a consultation are £60. The following sessions are £50. If subsequent treatments are required on a weekly base, each treatment would cost £25-£35.

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