Experience the love and happiness of nature beings for healing and balancing of the body and its subtle energies

The Healing Energies of Fairies and Elves

Fairies and Elves are nature beings of a hidden world of light. Withdrawn from the visible world they serve nature and humans.  As we open our hearts and connect to the wonderful realm of light, the healing and transformational energies can reach us and  balance our body and its subtle energies.

I am happy to work with the delightful, gentle and powerful energies of the fairy realm e.g. in healing treatments, which can help to mobilize the inherent healing forces of the body. Hands on healing, essences, plants and crystals can be involved in the healing process of the different ailments. These healing energies and methods which I use are not only for humans. They are also suitable for animals, plants and in nature. Energy places for regeneration, stress release, nature connection and more can be created. Allow yourself to be touched by the love and happiness of fairies and elves.

21 Butterfly essences

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