Enhance your space for harmony, peace and success

Alpha Chi Feng Shui

Do you feel easily tired, exhausted, drained or even unwell in your home or workplace? Feng Shui could be the solution to your problems!

Feng Shui is the ancient knowledge about the flow of the universal life energy, called "CHI". Where CHI is flowing in its natural flow, there is vitality, happiness, success and health. Living and working in an energetically unbalanced place can be the reason for tiredness, stress, depression or even illness. The houses we are living in have their own energetically history- it is an imprint, left by the people and their feelings, who lived and worked there before. To change these energies in your home, business or garden, will improve your life and will support your comfort, well being and overall health.  

Alpha Chi Feng Shui noticeably changes and improves the atmosphere without affecting the decoration or general design of a place.

Alpha Chi Feng Shui to feel more at home in your home!

A preliminary survey for your building and garden costs £70 if the premises are situated in the Glasgow area. Otherwise please ask for the costs.   

If you want to create serenity and balance in your life and work, Alpha Chi Feng Shui can support it.

Laryna'E. Wuppermann

63 Crowhill Road

Glasgow / Bishopbriggs

G64 1QY
Tel: 07503 210 416​

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