Connect to your roots!

The Holy Earth Shamanism

What can Earth Shamanism do for you?

I have a deep and loving connection to the Earth our Mother and to Nature.

In the following you can find a few ways to experience the healing I can provide through Earth Shamanism.

The Medicines of the Earth - 12 Aura sprays & Essences

for you - your home - your workplace

For grounding, ease and joy, harmony and stability!

The 12 Medicines of the Earth were given to us Earth Shamans by 12 holy tribes. The use of the Medicines of the Earth can support you with personal issues and give you more strength and depth as well as ease e.g. to deal with challenges in daily life.  

You receive more trust in yourself and a new alignment for your next steps.

The Medicines are easy to use and I am happy to help you to find the appropriate Medicine for you.

- The Heart of the Earth - Medicine of the Aborigines

- Starlight 1 - Medicine of the holy tribe from East Africa

- Peace of Mind - Medicine of the Andes

- The Inner Warrior - Medicine of the Vasen, a tribe from Croatia

- The Blue Light - Medicine of the Inuit

- Peace and Unity - Medicine of the Andes/ from Chile

- Wisdom - Medicine of the Druids

- Starlight 2, Starlight of the Tundra - Medicine from Mongolia

- Warrior of the Heart - Medicine from Central and North America /Irokese 

- Power of Creation - Medicine of the Navajo from New Mexico

- The Blue Gold - Medicine of the Amazonas tribe

- Freedom - Medicine given by all holy tribes

The Medicines of the Earth are powerful companions in your daily life!

Everybody, adults and children can easily use these essences as aura sprays.

For the application of the essences you spray a few puffs in the aura or on different parts of the body and preferably on the chakras. As a room spray the essences have a cleansing and refreshing effect in your home and work place. They clear the atmosphere and welcome well-being.

A personal consultation or a healing ritual can deepen the application of the Medicine and make it more individualized for the person.

Each Medicine of the Earth * 15 ml * £19 / 21 Euro

For your order and for a personal consultation about the application of the essences please contact me.

A treatment with the shamanic drum

In connection with the heartbeat of the EARTH the sound of the drum can e.g. shift and transform stuck or blocked energies. Or I'm creating a space with the beat of the drum in which transformation / healing can happen. Sounds, made by the voice can support this process. 

Reading out of the Earth

Your Reading out of the Earth is your personal healing story

It is read from the knowledge storage of the Earth.

Your reading can support you to be able to accept and recognise yourself in your wholeness, with all what you are.

The Reading out of the Earth can be a deep healing and guidance on your path.

You don't have to be present in person to receive your Reading out of the Earth

You'll receive your reading as MP3 and in writing

Current price: £120

The Medicines out of the Earth

Place for the Earth element

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