Felt making - a traditional fiber craft technique

Creative Fiber Craft

Another approach to create health and well being is through craft and art. I combine my original trainings as hand weaver and art therapist and enjoy creating felted items and ornaments, often related to the natural world and the seasons. I use colourful sheep's wool fibers, which I transform into 2- and 3 dimensional felted items for sale. I am passing on my skills in felt workshops in communities, in outdoor events and in self organized events and workshops in the Glasgow area and the central belt and even abroad.

The use of sheep's wool fibers stimulates the senses. The wet felting process with wool, soap and water promotes the tactile perception and a deep sensory- and visual-motoric perception. The characteristics and the variety of colours of wool can promote creativity and initiative. Through the process of dry felting with a special felting needle, fine motoric skills, concentration and stamina are trained. The calming effect of felting enables a relaxed atmosphere and can have a therapeutic effect on the maker. Felt making is as well used as therapy for people with the need of additional learning support, mental health problems and others.

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Laryna E. 


63 Crowhill Road

Glasgow /


G64 1QY
Tel: 07503 210 416

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